Our journey to a more sustainable future

Sustainability has become truly relevant for companies around the globe and especially in the healthcare sector there is still a lot to gain. Being a responsible medical device manufacturer, we want to contribute to a brighter future for coming generations and work to improve our level of sustainability.

Finding the balance

At PENTAX Medical, it has always been our mission to help improve people’s lives through intelligent solutions. Now, we are broadening that mission.

While we continue to work on improving patient safety and the quality of people’s lives, we also take responsibility for minimizing our impact on nature and society. That’s where we aim to find a balance.

Tackling global challenges

We recognize the need for action to tackle global challenges such as climate change.

As smart innovators we have begun to implement a range of United Nations goals. Based on these goals, we are engaging in many activities and are planning to do even more.

Environmental and Social responsibility

As smart innovators, we search for sustainable solutions in our production, transportation and waste management and seek for ways to minimize or compensate for our carbon emissions.

But we not only care for our planet. Society needs our attention as well. We support equal opportunities for everyone and see it as our responsibility to provide high quality education and healthcare.

Our journey to a more sustainable future has just begun. And you are invited to join us on this path. We strongly believe that together we can find a balance – for nature and society.


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