InFocus - Issue 1, June 2015 

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How to expand the optical diagnosis?

A new forum to effectively use IEE technologies has recently been launched.

The i-scan imaging platform aims to be a scientific driven online networking hub led by clinicians, where clinical cases and i-scan experiences will be shared amongst peers and discussed in frequent webinars.

“Experts from around the world of endoscopy will share their experience of using the i-scan technology in their clinical practice and how it has helped them in decision making and diagnosis. This website will provide video clips and pictures of many commonly seen conditions from various parts of the gastrointestinal tract with expert analysis of how virtual chromoendoscopy helps to highlight endoscopic abnormalities and streamline the diagnostic algorithm. One of the main objectives of this website is to provide an educational resource and platform for training i-scan users globally by helping them understand the advantages of using this technology in their clinical practice.”  Dr. Rehan Haidry, University College London Hospital.

This website demonstrates the various clinical applications of virtual chromoendoscopy and enhanced imaging with i-scan in a variety of pathologies in the upper and lower intestine. By providing endoscopists with i-scan imaging publications, and informing clinicians about the wide ranging clinical applications and benefits of i-scan, the objective is to establish a platform for education and sharing, that ultimately delivers the highest quality of care to patients.

From April 2015, enrolled members who have registered on the i-scan Training website tab will be given access to a private members area. Once registered, a password will be sent to grant access to training tools relating to the existing i-scan classifications, to a discussion forum where cases can be shared or questions can be directed to experts, and to a section where webinars on i-scan related topics will take place.



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