Platinum Service Program

The Platinum Service Program provides full maintenance and repair coverage, giving you budget certainty and the most complete protection available for your equipment while minimizing your administrative workload.

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What you get with a Platinum Service Program

Key benefits to you:

  • Budget certainty
  • Reduced risk
  • Minimal administrative workload
  • No repair-authorization-related delays
  • Value-added support

There’s enough day-to-day stress in healthcare delivery without also having to worry about the performance and availability of your equipment.

A fixed line in your budget for service costs, the ability to schedule and care for patients with confidence, and repair-process efficiency are all benefits of the Platinum Service Program.

The Platinum Service Program from PENTAX Medical is designed to give you just that. Simply get Platinum, and your full maintenance and repair service needs are covered for a fixed price.

That means, we take on the risk of equipment failure and damage for you, and there’s no administration time for repair authorization: We begin work on your equipment as soon as it arrives, and even arrange for equipment pickup at no additional cost.