Grant and Donation Requests



  • Requestor must submit request directly to the Grants Committee, via email at and must be submitted.
  • Grant requests need to be made in writing by the Requestor and on Requestor’s letterhead documenting the Requestor’s address and contact information.
  • Grant Request form to be completed; (Grant Request form attached).
  • For educational program grants, a brochure or description of program is needed. Program/Project objectives and an agenda are also needed.
  • Completed W-9 form and/or IRS letter documenting the Requestor’s tax status (W-9 form attached).


Grant Review

  • Review times vary from grant to grant, however, the general guidance is 45 days.  You can assist with minimizing the review timeline by providing complete and accurate documentation in a timely manner (see above for required documentation).
  • The Grants Committee will endeavor to review each request within 45 days of receiving the completed application.

  • All grant requests must be submitted at least 60 days before the program/project begins.


Grant Status

  • PENTAX Medical will provide email notification of disposition of grant requests upon completion of its review.

  • Upon approval of a grant request, PENTAX Medical and Requestor shall execute a written agreement to validate the arrangement.
  • Payment or in-kind equipment donations will not be released until the written agreement has been fully executed and returned to PENTAX.