VIVIDEO Videoscope System

State-of-the-art innovative technologies provide optimal image quality.

The PENTAX Medical VIVIDEO System delivers the perfect balance between performance, patient comfort, and ease of use. VIVIDEO makes it possible for more practitioners and patients to benefit from high resolution nasopharyngoscopy exams, with a cost-effective endoscopy system designed for facilities seeking to upgrade their imaging capabilities.

See more with high-resolution image quality

  • Scope-integrated LED illumination achieves high level of brightness.
  • HD output provides a sharp, clear view of structure and detail.

Ensure comfortable examinations

  • The unique flexibility of the 3.3 mm insertion tube allows for more comfortable exams.
  • The small footprint allows for in-office and bedside exams for clinicians and patient convenience.

Increase clinical efficiency with ease-of-use

  • Ergonomic endoscope design and intuitive user interface provide an enhanced user experience.
  • Simple still image and video recording with scope buttons that can be programmed for most frequently used functions.
  • Convenient USB stick video recording.

VIVIDEO Video Processor [CP-1000]

Voltage Frequency Video Output Image Format Image Recording Dimensions Weight
(V) (Hz) (W x H x D)(mm) (kg)
100 - 240 50 / 60 DVI-D interface [digital], VGA interface [analog] SXGA [1280x1024@60p], XGA [1024x768@60p],720p [1280x720@60p] HDTV, 1080p [1920x1080@30p] HDTV USB stick [with FAT32 or Ext3 file system] 340 x 75 x 380 approx. 5

Video Naso-Pharyngo-Laryngoscope [VNL9-CP]

Distal end diameter Insertion tube diameter Working length Angle of View Focal Range Tip Deflection Type of illumination
(mm) (mm) (mm) (°) (mm) (Up/Down)(°)
3 3.3 300 90 5 - 50 120 / 120 Scope-integrated LED illumination


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