Press Release



November 7, 2007

PENTAX is proud to announce the arrival of its new endoscopic system HiLine. A combination of the innovative EPK-i video processor, described as the World’s most powerful and intuitive system and the superb 90iseries endoscopes. The Hi Line range has made its European debut at the Paris UEGW in October 2007, where it was eagerly awaited for by the industry for its unique and advanced technology within the field of endoscopy.

The HiLine system will set new standards in the field of endoscopy through significantly improved operability, visibility and processing ability, Hi Line promises to deliver tomorrow’s technology today and improve clinicians diagnosis and patient care. HiLine is easily upgradeable for future developments, ensuring the system can take advantage of technological advances as and when these become available.

Boasting the World’s first HD+ resolution, the EPK-iprocessor and 90i endoscopes deliver the sharpest endoscopic image available and surpasses earlier generations of HDTV. The integral PENTAX i-scan software supports enhanced visibility of vessel architecture and miniscule structures. These are just two examples of what makes the range one of the most advantageous and beneficial to the endoscopists and patients group.

PENTAX have taken the lead in shaping the future of endoscopy, exceeding industry demands and bringing to reality their design concept and belief in ‘medical equipment that reduces the burden of doctors and relieves patients pain’.

PENTAX products stand for “Best in Class” within the field of endoscopy. This includes Endosonography, the Safe-3000 auto fluorescence system and Confocal Endomicroscopy. Harald Beyer, General Manager of PENTAX Europe GmbH says: “We continuously strive to maintain this innovative process, so with the introduction of Hi Line, we are able to offer a first class product to sophisticated endoscopists.”


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