Compliance and Integrity at PENTAX Medical

PENTAX Medical’s compliance program is based on the foundation that all employees must take ownership of our compliance practices.  Our compliance program represents a shared undertaking from all levels of the company to achieve our business goals with the highest levels of integrity.  Our program includes oversight by the HOYA board, risk assessments, policies and procedures, trainings and communications, open door approach for reporting concerns, monitoring and auditing, and independent compliance resources.


PENTAX Medical Code of Conduct

As a division of HOYA Group, PENTAX Medical complies with the HOYA Code of Conduct. We are committed to lawful and ethical conduct wherever we do business. The Code reinforces the principles that are fundamental to PENTAX Medical’s culture, vision, and values – and how we do business every day.

This Code reiterates the key elements of many of our company policies and provides helpful examples and FAQs for certain situations. However, there is no substitute for good judgment and most importantly, we ask all our employees to reach out to their manager, Human Resources, Compliance or Legal department with any questions.

Our Code strictly expresses that we should:

  • Never violate the Code, even if asked to do so by a manager or another employee.
  • Sacrifice profit if it means violating the Code.
  • Not allow the improper practices of other companies to influence our commitment to the Code.


HOYA Helpline

The HOYA Helpline is available to all PENTAX Medical employees, customers and business partners to report a concern or a potential violation of law or company policy. 

  • You can remain anonymous, if permitted by law. 
  • Available by phone or online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and in multiple languages. 
  • HOYA Helpline is operated by specially trained third-party representatives who are independent from HOYA or any division of HOYA. 

PENTAX Medical has a non-retaliation policy and will not allow retaliation against anymore who, in good faith, raises a compliance concern or integrity issue.

HOYA Helpline (Phone/ Web-Reporting) –  


Our Commitment to Anti-bribery and Anti-corruption

PENTAX Medical prohibits improper payments of any kind and strictly takes action to prevent bribery and corruption. PENTAX Medical has adopted globally the HOYA Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy to enforce and strengthen our anti-bribery and anti-corruption initiatives and our compliance program is designed to prevent, detect, and address compliance issues.

Please contact us below if you would like to obtain more information.






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