RetroView™ Colonoscopes EC34‑i10T

The PENTAX Medical RetroView™ Colonoscopes EC34-i10T provides excellent maneuverability due to a smaller bending radius of the distal tip and 210° deflection.

It combines HD+ imaging for detailed and crisp visualization as well as access to the proximal side of colon folds and flexures, ideal for detection and treatment of hard to reach lesions.

Optimal therapeutic approach

Eased therapeutic access to colonic lesions for improved resection procedures, providing our perfect combination of retroflection of the endoscope tip (up to 210°) and stability of the insertion tube.

Enhanced visualization

Improved visualization behind folds for increased detection of lesions during colonoscopy with an exceptional close-up view of the mucosa.

Ergonomically designed to improve operator and patient comfort

Enhanced handling capabilities during long and complex colonoscopy procedures leading to enriched quality outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Beeldhoek beeldhoek scherpte diepte Angulatie omhoog/omlaag Tipbuiging rechts/links Distale tip Inbrengings buisje Minimum Instrument Channel Width Image Sensor Insertion tube working length
(°) (mm) (°) (°) (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm)
Forward 140 2 - 100 210 / 180 160 / 160 10.5 11.6 3.2 HD+ 1,700
Forward 140 2 - 100 210 / 180 160 / 160 10.5 11.6 3.2 HD+ 1,500
Forward 140 2 - 100 210 / 180 160 / 160 10.5 11.6 3.2 HD+ 1,300


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