Endoscope Troubleshooting 

  • Forward Water Jet not functioning properly

    Forward Water Jet not functioning properly

    Possible Causes

      • Forward water-jet channel is clogged
      • Endo-irrigator pump not turned on or improperly connected (if applicable)
      • Endo-irrigator water bottle is empty
      • Forward water jet check valve is either damaged or improperly installed (this will cause back flow of fluid into tubing)

    Possible Solutions

      • If scope passes a leakage test, follow same procedures for clearing channel as described in the air/water channel section above
      • Ensure that endo-irrigator pump is turned on and all components are properly connected.
      • Ensure endo-irrigator water bottle is full
      • Inspect forward water-jet check valve to ensure that it is properly installed, and not damaged