Video Bronchoscopes 75K Series

PENTAX Medical EB-1575K and EB-1975K bronchoscopes empower pulmonologists to perform a complete range of diagnostic and therapeutic examinations efficiently. Excellent image quality can be combined with i-SCAN™ enhanced visualization for a detailed view of tissue structures which may help increase disease detection. STERRAD® sterilization increases patient safety and reprocessing speed.

Next Generation Imaging

The 75K Series Video Bronchoscopes are equipped with our next generation bronchoscope imaging components. New advancements include the new digital signal processing design that enhances color and contrast, resulting in more vibrant and color-accurate video. New and improved light guide lens system improves the distribution of light to the peripheral area of the image, thus enabling clearer isualization of the 120-degree field of view.

PENTAX i-SCAN™ Image Enhancement Support

In combination with the PENTAX Medical EPK-i®5010 high definition video processor, the 75K Series video bronchoscopes can fully support the PENTAX i-SCAN™ technology. i-SCAN is a digital, post-processing image enhancement technology that provides the user with an enhanced view of the texture of the mucosal surface and the blood vessels. It consists of three default settings: i-SCAN 1, i-SCAN 2, and i-SCAN 3.

  • i-SCAN 1: Sharpens surface vessels and enhances surface texture of the mucosa
  • i-SCAN 2: Increases contrast between mucosa and blood vessels, enhances surface texture of the mucosa
  • i-SCAN 3: Increases contrast between mucosa and blood vessels, including dimly illuminated far-field-regions, and enhances surface texture of the mucosa

STERRAD® Compatibiity

The new 75K Series bronchoscopes were engineered with new materials in order to meet today’s reprocessing demands. As identified by the label on the control body, the EB-1575K and EB-1975K are compatible with the STERRAD® NX™ sterilization system.

Insertion Tube Diameter Instrument Channel Diameter * Working Length Total Length Angle of View Focal Range Angulation
Up / Down Right / Left
(mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (°) (mm) (°)
5.2 2.0 600 860 120 3 - 50 210 / 130 -
6.4 2.8 600 860 120 3 - 50 180 / 130 -

                                       *Instrument Channel Diameter = Minimum Instrument Channel Diameter


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