OPTIVISTA EPK‑i7010 HD Video Processor

A unique combination of optical and digital enhancement in one endoscopy processor. Enlighten your perspectives.

The success of a procedure can hinge on your ability to clearly visualize the epithelial surface pit pattern and vascular pattern. In addition to the already established PENTAX i-SCAN modes, the OPTIVISTA EPK-i7010 now features OE Optical Enhancement technology, creating a very unique platform where both digital and optical enhancements are available. i-SCAN and OE modes are designed for the user to systemically step through three progressive stages of image evaluation and examination during GI endoscopy—detection, identification and confirmation. This unique combination provides additional visualization capabilities never before offered in the endoscopy procedure room.

The new PENTAX Medical OPTIVISTA EPK-i7010 video processor, together with the PENTAX Medical HD+ Endoscopes provides our best image ever. Whether you are performing a routine procedure or a complex intervention, the OPTIVISTA EPK-i7010 can help you achieve excellent clinical outcomes.

Enhanced Visualization

i-SCAN Image Enhancement (Digital Electronic Virtual Chromoendoscopy)
i-SCAN is a software-based image processing technology that enhances digital images for display and visualization. i-SCAN modes combine image processing algorithms for Surface Enhancement (SE), Contrast Enhancement (CE), and Tone Enhancement (TE) to provide a digitally enhanced view of mucosal surface texture, contour and blood vessels.

OE Optical Enhancement (Optical Electronic Virtual Chromoendoscopy)
OE Optical Enhancement filters the light source to provide focused wavelength bands that match the high efficiency absorption characteristics of hemoglobin. The resulting effect is a high visual contrast image between blood vessels and surrounding mucosa.

Powerful Educational Platform

Teach and assess with the unique TwinMode

  • TwinMode is useful in teaching the appropriate interpretation of image enhanced endoscopy, providing simultaneous comparison of side by side endoscopic images.
  • Among experts, TwinMode is appreciated as an educational tool for “building the bridge” between HD+ white light images and the different digital and optical image enhancement modes and findings.

Collect and share with the unique integrated video and audio recording

  • The video recording function enables capture of HD+ video files through a USB storage device, for fast and easy sharing of findings with peers. Audio recording for video is captured through an external microphone.
  • Contributes to cost savings in the endoscopy room by avoiding unnecessary external HD recording devices.
  • For capturing and recording the sharpest image, the OPTIVISTA EPK-i7010 also incorporates freeze scan technology which automatically selects the sharpest picture.


HD video outputs External device interface User interface Image Enhancement Compatible Video Endoscopes Lamp Dimensions [W x H x D / weight]
1080i via HD-SDI, DVI-D or SXGA via DVI-D, VGA USB (Front x 1, Rear x 2) and RJ45 (Ethernet) Touch screen, keyboard i-SCAN 1, i-SCAN 2, i-SCAN 3, and OE Optical Enhancement 90K/90i/i10 Series Gastroscopes and Colonoscopes, and ED-3490TK Video Duodenoscope 300W Xenon Lamp 400 x 205 x 520 mm / 21.5 kg


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