G‑EYE® Video Endoscopes

  • Enhancing detection capabilities

  • Eliminating bowel slippage

  • Improved visualisation

  • Faster and more controlled intervention


UltraSlim EC‑2990i Video Colonoscope

  • Improved completion rates

  • Retroflexion for maximum maneuverability

  • Improved patient comfort


MagniView EC‑3890Zi Video Colonoscope

  • Powerful magnification

  • Excellent imaging

  • Full functionality and ergonomic design


SCOPEPILOT ‑ The next generation 3D colon navigation system

  • True 3D responsive image

  • Advanced orientation

  • Comprehensive colonoscopy solution


RetroView™ Colonoscopes EC34‑i10T

  • Optimal therapeutic approach

  • Enhanced visualization

  • Ergonomically designed to improve operator and patient comfo


i10 Series Video Colonoscopes

  • Outstanding HD+ megapixel resolution image clarity for improved visualization of mucosal detail

  • Optimized ergonomics and user interface

  • Expanded therapeutic capabilities



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