Video Gastroscopes – i10 Series HD+

The i10 Series HD+ Gastroscopes are PENTAX Medical’s premium line of endoscopes for diagnostic EGD and therapeutic treatment in the upper GI tract. The i10 Gastroscopes are available in both standard and slim insertion tube diameters. They are equipped with premium imaging features, HD+™ Megapixel Resolution CCDs and CloseFocus™ Examination Range, the i10 Series ergonomic control body, and higher degrees of tip angulation for visualization and positioning for therapeutic accessibility. The EG29-i10 has additional therapeutic features such as a larger 3.2mm channel and a water jet. The i10 Series HD+ Gastroscopes deliver the best imaging, therapeutic opportunity and ergonomic comfort within the PENTAX Medical EGD Product Offering.

Next generation imaging system with HD+™ CCDs, CloseFocus™ and i-SCAN™

The i10 Series HD+ Gastroscopes are equipped with second-generation HD+ Megapixel Resolution CCDs for exceptional image clarity and detail resolution. Both scopes can be used with i-SCAN™ image enhancement technology that provides the user with an enhanced view of the texture of the mucosal surface and the blood vessels. And, CloseFocus™ Examination Range allows the physician to get as close as 2mm from the mucosa for even greater resolving power and magnified visualization of the tissue and capillary networks automatically, without the need for button activation.

Improved ergonomic design and control

i10 Series HD+ Gastroscopes are equipped with a new and lightweight ergonomic control body design that provides improved comfort and minimizes repetitive use fatigue. It is more compact and lighter— 40g lighter—than its 90i Series predecessor. Innovatively designed angulation knobs and a sixth spoke enable comfortable one-handed control, while repositioned buttons are easier to reach and access.

More therapeutic opportunity

The i10 Series Standard HD+ Gastroscope, EG29-i10, is the most versatile endoscope for EGD use within the PENTAX GI Portfolio. With a larger 3.2mm instrument channel, the physician can use larger devices, such as 3.2mm jumbo biopsy forceps, for greater diagnostic yields, increased overall suction power and retain some suction power while a device is in the channel. Other features that add to therapeutic opportunity are a water jet (EG29-i10) and higher degrees of tip angulation. 

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Insertion Tube Diameter Instrument Channel Diameter * Working Length Total Length Angle of View Focal Range Angulation
Up / Down Right / Left
(mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (°) (mm) (°)
9.0 2.8 1050 1366 140 2 -100 210 / 120 120 / 120
9.8 3.2 1050 1366 140 2 -100 210 / 120 120 / 120

                               *Instrument Channel Diameter = Minimum Instrument Channel Diameter


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